Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vintage Schiaparelli Sweater 50s beaded vintage cardigan sweater

The 50s were a time of fun and laughter with more time to play and less worries than of years past. This vintage Schiaparelli sweater from the 50s reflects the playfulness of its designer, Elsa Schiaparelli with its beaded front and corded design accents. It reminds me of the Lucy dresses and poodle skirts with bobby socks! A baby blue vintage Schiaparelli sweater from the 50s is sure to be a hit! Who else will be wearing a Schiaparelli? Or a Schiaparelli that even resembles THIS one? You can claim this for yourself at see the VINTAGE SEPARATES category - vintage tops.
It bears the label "styled by Schiaparelli Paris".

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Friday, September 12, 2008

60s Vintage Lilli Ann Coat Brocade with Mink Collar

One of my all- time favorites in coats is this beautiful Vintage Lilli Ann coat! It is made of a hand-loomed brocade fabric with a mink collar! It is a fabulous example of one of the elaborate designs of

Adolph Schuman. He was the founder of Lilli Ann in San Francisco in 1933. He named the company after his wife Lillian!

Lilli Ann of Paris & San Francisco is on this label. This coat is made of high quality hand-loomed fabric with the utmost care! This one is in excellent wearable condition! Not just the same old thing in Dena's Vintage Closet! Designer labels and quality vintage coats and dresses along with all of the accessories are at!

Vintage Nelly Don 50s Floral Print Day Dress

The 50s brought about great excitement and a zeal for life after the war and the Great Depression. People were ready for change much like today! The clothing industry had new ideas and designs that were made famous by many designers. Nelly Don was one of the famous clothing manufacturers of that time. Her company headquarters was in Kansas City, Missouri. Nelly Don manufactured 75 million dresses from 1916 to 1978. It was the largest manfacturer of the 20th Century! Nelly Don was named after its founder Ellen Quinlan Donnelly Reed. Her company made fabulous 50s dresses as well as uniforms for the women in the military and factories. Some of the Nelly Don 50s dresses like this one are in Dena's Vintage Closet! Check out all the dresses at!

70s Vintage Telephone Purse Dallas Handbags Phone Bag Purse
Before the cell phone there was another phenomenon back in the day..... The Telephone Purse!

The 70s brought about many changes and one of those was a new way of communication. Take along your Dallas Handbags Phone Purse and simply plug it into any phone jack available with service & talk to your friends! There aren't many of these around that are in working order. This vintage 70s telephone purse actually works! How many people do you know that actually own a vintage phone purse? This one is available at Checkout the purse category! I have hundreds of vintage purses to post. My inventory includes vintage hand-toolded leather purses, vintage clutch purses, vintage petit point, vintage beaded bags and more! The vintage phone purse is tops in this category! Who ya gonna call?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Black Embroidered 70s Vintage GoGo Boots are made for Walking!

Once in a while I run across that perfect "find" that makes my day! This pair of Vintage 70s tall Black GoGo Boots are way cool! The new owner of these boots will be the envy of all of their friends when they step out in these! Definitely not for the shy person or the woman who hasn't figured out who she is! She'll be noticed in these from What's in Your Closet? Check out Dena's Vintage Closet for these mod vintage 70s boots. A new vintage clothing boutique adding items each week to fill your closet! Not just the same old thing!