Monday, October 27, 2008

Blue Jantzen Vintage 70s Leisure Suit Disco Suit
The 70s brought us Saturday Night Fever and John Travolta. Disco was all the rage and a night on the town meant dancing the night away in your polyester leisure suit, disco shirt and platform shoes! What memories we have! They can be relived again in one of many vintage leisure suits from Dena's Vintage Closet! Current inventory includes this outstanding vintage Jantzen disco suit with shirt to boot! This killer vintage disco suit has a four pocket front and a polyester knit shirt to coordinate with it. John Travolta would be envious! You can steal the show on the dance floor with this authentic vintage leisure suit! Just one of several in various sizes, colors and styles. You can find vintage disco shirts and disco jackets in Dena's Vintage Closet also. Be careful.... you might get the dance fever all over again!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vintage Etienne Aigner Leather Trenchcoat Spycoat

Vintage leather is hot on the runways this year and everyone wants to have their own look but be trendy all the same! Vintage leather trenchcoats are a timeless classic yet very trendy in recent years. A real show stopper is this vintage Etienne Aigner cordova leather trenchcoat or spycoat with its full length leather exterior with the rich cordova leather that is only captured in a genuine Aigner! Live the "look of luxury" on a budget with this leather beauty! Leather lives on with its durability and flexibility. It goes with just about everything in your closet! See many more vintage leather coats as well as vintage car coats, plaids, furs, faux furs and more at the greatest little vintage boutique online- Dena's Vintage Closet!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vintage Jackie O Coat Mink Collar Swing Coat

Back in the 60s women dressed like they were proud of who they were and wanted the world to know. Jackie O was instrumental in setting the standards for women's fashions at that time and ever since then! The rounded collars of the fabulous suits and coats spoke volumns when it came to class and society. Jackie O was the leader in fashion for many years as we still love to find vintage fashions from the 60s that remind us of those days and trends. A vintage coat from the Jackie O era is quite a nice find these days! Her gracefulness and ambiance still lives in the fashions from the 60s. This blue wool vintage Jackie O style swing coat features a mink collar. Button-up front with two slanted front pockets - fully lined with a purple satin fabric. Just a reminder of days gone by and an era that lives on! Vintage fashion will forever be alive with fabulous finds from the 60s! Vintage coats are in high demand today. You can dress like no one else and not have to worry about "meeting yourself on the street" in the same outfit! Dena's Vintage Closet is stocked with fabulous vintage fashions from every era and adding more vintage finds each week! Dozens of vintage coats will be added this week! Shop for all your vintage needs!